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From the time I can remember, I have always been fascinated with solving problems. My father Cpt. Alvin L. Philipson (USAF, Ret.), a Dentist and inventor with a number of patents to his name, would take me on outings to an old airplane hangar at Tamiami airport (Miami, FL). There, I would marvel at the oscilloscope as his electrical engineer Gene would close a circuit and my father’s invention would come to life.

While my father has passed, his spirit is alive and well in the concepts, designs and most importantly the mission of innovating for the greater good of improving the lives of others. The CerviFit® is my second patent and first commercialized product to address the need for a portable neck strengthening and rehabilitative device. The CerviFit has been prescribed for injured workers comp patients and purchased by the United States Air force as part of the OHWS Optimizing Human Weapons Systems contract.

Being part of a solutions-based proactive program that strengthens the necks of the fighter pilots who are exposed to high Gz and susceptible to cervical MSK (Musculoskeletal Pain) improves not only the lives of those on the front lines but the families they will return to uninjured from the rigors of this mighty responsibility.

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity of pursuing my passion and be part of an amazing team… E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one.

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