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Rob Rocko Ceravolo

LCDR Rob “Rocko” Ceravolo, USN (Ret)

United States Navy Fighter, 2009 Weapons School Graduate (Top Gun)
After more than 14 years of active carrier duty and having graduated in 2009 from Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun), the years had taken a toll on my neck and subsequently left residual neck pain and headaches. After using the CerviFit over the course of the past year, I have seen a noticeable reduction in neck pain and headache frequency. I wish I had the opportunity to train with CerviFit while serving in the US Navy. CerviFit is a much-needed piece of equipment in the US Navy’s arsenal.

Sgt. Eric R.

Fmr USMC; Miami Beach, FL
As a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corp tasked with handling heavy M777 Howitzer munitions in the heat of battle, I suffered from neck pain and headaches from years of heavy and awkward lifting.  After being prescribed the CerviFit by my Neurologist and placed on a 10-week home therapy conditioning regimen, some of the most impressive results I have seen came in the form of no longer dealing with horrible and debilitating headaches as well as a massively improved range-of-motion.

B. Simonin

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Gentlemen, I have been so fortunate to have great doctors and staff who recommended CerviFit. Since using the Cervifit, my neck, shoulder and head pain has lessened. The owner of the CerviFit company is hands on with care and concern and helping with all manners of the use of the product. It is an excellent tool in helping to get well. Thank you! B Simonin

Kayla R.

Miami, FL
The radiation treatment I received for my neck cancer weakened my neck tremendously. Utilizing the CerviFit for a few minutes every day for the past few months has strengthened my neck considerably. There has also been a substantial reduction in the tingling in my hands due to nerve damage from the chemotherapy. I plan on using the CerviFit for the rest of my life to keep my neck strong and healthy.

Ryan Hunter-Reay

2014 Indianapolis 500 Champion
With G-forces up to four times [normal weight] in an Indy car on turns, it definitely helped strengthen my neck as I prepared for the 2014 Indy season.
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