Neck Strengthening System

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin

This is the premise of which the U.S. manufactured, patented, CerviFit® device was designed and implemented into the Air Force’s OHWS program. The CerviFit® is a portable, evidenced-based isotonic (controlled weight) isokinetic (controlled speed) device directly to the pilot for home strength and conditioning training. In a recent pilot survey, the F35 Lt. Col. “strongly agreed” on the question, “was the access to a home rather clinic-based program a key determiner to participate in the CerviFit® program“?.

By eliminating the busy pilot’s need to go to a war-fighter clinic, the CerviFit® provides improved training compliance and outcomes than traditional clinic-centric equipment.

CerviFit® is the only neck strengthening device that can be shipped directly to the air crew’s home anywhere in the world in two days and with remote training can be instructed on proper use and address their MSK issues or concerns.

Watch former 2009 Top Gun graduate/instructor LCDR Rob “Roco” Cervalo (Ret.) being instructed on the proper use of the CerviFit®.

CerviFit® weighted resistance mirror the specific gravity of the new HMD helmets.

CerviFit Center of Gravity








CerviFit® provides a 360° training on all the Planes of Movement

Planes of movement







Famed Sports Medicine Miami Dolphin’s Dr. Spencer Baron on CerviFit

Current Fighter Pilot Helmets Center of Gravity Plots:

Referenced helmets below. 1

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Optimizing the Human Weapons System Initial Survey Results

“Neck and back injuries are common in individuals who experience significant compression from G-forces. In light of these health concerns, the Optimizing the Human Weapons System program was created to combat potential injuries that pilots are more susceptible to, thus strengthening the Air Force’s operational readiness.”1

CerviFit® was part of the proposal process for the OHWS  and is included on the OHWS (Optimizing Human Weapons Systems) PM approved equipment list. While OHWS was officially awarded and instituted in 2020, in 2022 after two years of proactively deploying athletic trainers a survey was conducted on active duty fighter pilots.2

The survey results are as follows:

Q9: “Neck vs. Back Pain”

Q9: “Have you ever experienced neck pain related to flying?” MAJCOM

Q9: “Have you ever experienced neck pain related to flying? (based on pilot’s age)

Neck pain by age








Q9: “Have you ever experienced neck pain related to flying? (based on rank)

Q9: "Neck vs. Back Pain"

CerviFit® 3.0

Neck Strengthening System


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Neck pain related to flying by age 90%
Neck pain by rank 40%
Have you ever experienced neck pain related to flying? 94.06%
Have you ever experienced neck pain related to high Gz flight? (MAJCOM) 97%