Neck Strengthening System

Whiplash is an acceleration–deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck and head from indirect neck trauma. Symptoms following whiplash trauma can be for example, neck pain, headache, dizziness, and cognitive symptoms, leading to disability, illness, and reduced work ability. The CerviFit® when prescribed early after an accident has shown to restore function to the neck while reducing the pain typically caused by untreated or inconsistent treatment.

Rehabilitate in the comfort of your home avoiding the long and inconvenient travel to and from the therapist.  If you were injured in an auto accident and suffer from neck pain, ask your physician about the CerviFit® home therapy alternative. If you require assistance or have questions,  email our patient advocacy group at 

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CerviFit® Neck-specific exercise (CNSE)

CerviFit provides a consistent, convenient and scalable home exercise program.  An internal 44 patient study conducted by Neurologist Dr. Jeffery Steinberg, MD, yielded  positive patient response with a success rate higher than anticipated. The reason for this was multi-factorial. The patients had input and control in their care, received tangible feedback every two weeks over the course of the program, and expressed improved quality of life as documented by the Oswestry Index scale.

• Overall, there was a 28% improvement in tensile strength in the compliant patients with 57% (25 people) experiencing an average 40% improvement.

• The average reduction on the Oswestry Index Scale was 8 points with 70% converted from moderate to mild disability.

• The VAS (Visual Analog Scale) was decreased from 7 to 3.5 on average, though the maximum pain during an exacerbation was reduced by 2 points in the majority of patients.

• All the compliant patients continued to use the CerviFit device at the completion of the study. Most stayed at the 1-to-2-pound weights.

• There were no injuries or complications with the device. Initially a few had recurrence of their pain as they did not understand the principle, technique, or follow the proper exercise instructions of the program.

CerviFit 3.0

Neck Strengthening System


Back and Neck Pain 48%
Cost Comparison to Traditional PT 76.6%
Percentage of Savings 40%
Average Cost Traditional 30%