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The CerviFit® is an isotonic (controlled weight/controlled speed) resistance device.

The CerviFit®’s patented (non-provisional utility US Patent# US20140018711A1) design facilitates a consistent and comfortable weight resistance utilizing the physics of the fulcrum (weight is at the furthest fixed point of the neck).

The comfortable, padded open-faced design of the CerviFit is placed over the head and the “oculus” rear portion of the device is turned clockwise to tighten the back support to the head. The telescopic portion is then adjusted so that the chin support is just under the lip and comfortable for the user. The chin strap when using the device in the supine (face up on your back) or prone (face down on your front) goes around the base of the neck with the elastic strap tightened until firm but comfortable.

Yes, this link will take you to the page with video’s that illustrate the device’s uses.

No. A brace is the exact antithesis (opposite) of what the CerviFit is. A brace immobilizes while the CerviFit is designed to mobilize the neck with resistive movement.

Your medical notes or fitter will provide you with both the exercises to perform and the weight that should be used. The CerviFit is scalable to meet your needs as you become stronger over time. Never put more weight than you feel comfortable using. The focus should be on stretching to achieve pain relief and muscle movement and strengthening that achieves overall improvement to your cervical health.

Currently, the CerviFit is prescribed through Workers Comp and Auto insurance.

Initially, the CerviFit was a leased product, but we found that the patients prescribed the device continued to use the device long after their therapy ended. Patient’s exit survey confirmed the main benefits respondents noted was convenience and access to on-going therapy eliminating the need for traditional out-patient physical therapy while markedly improving their underlying condition and pain.

Getting patient’s better and back to productive work is a mutually shared goal. Look at your patient’s current treatment for Cervical related pathologies, is their physical therapy working and are they achieving the desired goals? Would the convenience of an evidenced-based, conservative care, home therapy program be beneficial to my patient’s progress? Would reducing utilization rates and subsequent future claims for the same injury be mutually aligned with our fiduciaries goals?

The CerviFit is available to active-duty military through our partnership with SDVOSB Lovell. Active-duty members of the military can request the CerviFit from their primary physician on base. This link will take you to the flyer to provide to your flight MD.

If you are a Physician who would like to become a prescriber or learn more about the CerviFit home therapy program, please email to request information.

A 44 participant internal study was completed on the CerviFit, here is a link to that study.

Our focus has always been to support our military. From hiring Veterans and distributing through a SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) to manufacturing in the USA, if you are medical professional on base and would like to both acquaint yourself with and provide the CerviFit to patient’s, this link will take you to the form to request a sample device for your review.

The CerviFit is proudly manufactured in the USA by Homelynx Health, a certified small business.


Toll Free: 833.Homelynx (466.3596)