Home therapy that works around your life, not the other way around!

Injured at work? Suffering from neck or shoulder pain as a result of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)? 

If you have been injured at work, you can be an advocate for your care. Taking an active role in what therapy you receive and when is paramount after a work related injury.  What is common sense is backed up by research. “Evidence tells us that supporting patients to be actively involved in their own care, treatment and support can improve outcomes and experience for patients, and potentially yield efficiency savings for the system through more personalized commissioning and supporting people to stay well and manage their own conditions better.”1

Evidenced-based, fighter pilot tested and patient approved!

When you rehabilitate at home with the CerviFit®, you will be using the same equipment used by the USAF to both proactively train and condition their neck against G-forces in the cockpit and after being injured through exposure to the rigors of the job. The CerviFit® is both compact fitting in a small bag and can travel with you so wherever you are, relief from neck pain is not far away! Compared with traditional out-patient physical therapy that will require you:

  1. Get time off of work
  2. Get into your car and drive braving traffic
  3. Is only for a period of time, you don’t have ownership of the device to relive pain


  1. You own the device no need to drive anywhere
  2. We warrantee the device for 2 years so once your 10-week therapy ends, keep on using the CerviFit® to mitigate any future injury!
  3. Internal studies show patients have seen a 25-28% increase in tensile neck strength, improvement in neck function and a significant reduction or elimination of pain
  4. Easy to use and a majority of patients have reported feeling pain relief right away!

How much as a patient am I charged for the CerviFit® device? 

As a patient, you will never receive a bill for the CerviFit® device. The cost to you is $0.00! Simply click on this link, download, print and provide this form to your physician, our DME partners will take care of all the rest!

How it works:


Nurse Case Managers/Adjusters, why you should approve CerviFit® for your patient’s with neck pain: 

The following information will be a revelation! Our goal is to save  you time all while increasing patient compliance, getting your injured worker back to work with improved functional capacity, using an innovation evidenced-based cost containment system, CerviFit®!

Your days are filled with referring patient’s to traditional PT then following up to check attendance and compliance which is directly related to patient outcomes and success. Traditional PT requires you identify a contracted provider in your network, arrange for the patient to attend for the appropriate units of therapy just to hear from the patient that the facility is to far or that their schedule can’t conform to the traditional course (Ex: M54.2 Cervicalgia, 2 units@ 15 per unit/twice a week for 12 weeks).

Evidence as to why traditional PT has fallen short of expectations:

According to a Marquette University white paper, rates of completing physical therapy have ranged wildly from 45.5% to 100% some of the reasons include:1

  1. Time constraints (Crockett et al., 1986; Long et al., 2004; Schachter et al., 2003)
  2. Intervening medical conditions which precluded physical therapy participation (Long et al., 2004; Wang et al., 2004),
  3. Experiencing pain during physical therapy (Long et al., 2004; Schachter et al., 2003)
  4. Believing physical therapy was not helpful (Cohen et al., 1983)
  5. Stating that the travel distance was too far (Wang et al., 2004)
  6. Lack of privacy during physical therapy (Schachter et al., 2003).

However, when you prescribe the CerviFit® home therapy system, you are literally putting their prescribed PT in their hands. No need to travel any further than the bedroom or living room for a raised flat surface.

A 44 patient 10-week internal study done on the CerviFit® concluded, “all the enrolled patients in the CerviFit® Program had been refractory to the standard treatment currently practiced by the medical community in the Workman’s Compensation arena. The number of patients who had a positive response, and their success rate, was higher than anticipated. The reason for this was multifactorial. The patients had input and control in their care, received tangible feedback every two weeks over the course of the program, and expressed improved quality of life as documented by the Oswestry Index scale.”2

According to New York Worker’s Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines for Neck Injuries dated May 2, 2022, “Positive results are defined primarily as functional gains which can be objectively measured. Objective functional gains include, but are not limited to, positional tolerances, range of motion, strength, endurance, activities of daily living (ADL), cognition, psychological behavior, and efficiency/velocity measures which can be quantified. Subjective reports of pain and function may be considered and given relative weight when the pain has anatomic and physiologic correlation in proportion to the injury.” 

What ICD-10 Codes has CerviFit® been prescribed for? (Partial list, physician/pt could identify additional when applicable):

  1. M54. 2 Cervicalgia (most prescribed code)
  2. G43.901 Migraine, unspecified, not intractable, with status migrainous

  3. G43.909 Migraine, unspecified, not intractable, without status migrainous

  4. S16.1XXD Strain of muscle, fascia and tendon at neck level, subsequent encounter

  5. M50.10 Cervical Disc disorder with radiculopathy unspecified region

  6. M50.11 Cervical Disc disorder with radiculopathy High Cervical Region

  7. S13.4XXA Sprain of ligaments of cervical spine, initial encounter

  8. S13.9XXA Sprain of joints and ligaments of unspecified parts of neck, initial encounter

  9. M50.10 Cervical disc disorder with radiculopathy, unspecified cervical region

  10. M54.12 Radiculopathy, cervical region

We welcome you to contact us toll free at 833-Homelynx (466-3596) to speak to one of our patient advocates to answer any questions you may have and for assistance in locating one of our contracted DME providers. You may also Contact Us.


Call us toll-free to get answers regarding the CerviFit program. We will not be able to answer any specific medical questions.
Back and Neck Pain 48%
Cost Comparison to Traditional PT 76.6%
Percentage of Savings 40%
Average Cost Traditional 30%